Add native 3Box support to your crypto wallet

Support 3Box data authorization and 3ID protocol in your crypto wallet! πŸ”‘

Introducing, IdentityWallet SDK

IdentityWallet SDK is a JavaScript SDK that allows crypto wallets to natively integrate with the 3ID protocol, which provides a standard way for wallets to handle user data authorization, signing, encryption, and decryption functionalities. With IdentityWallet, these functions can now occur directly inside the wallet, instead of being outsourced to a 3Box.js client running in a web browser.

Why IdentityWallet?

By separating the IdentityWallet SDK account and signing functionalities from 3Box SDK, we can make the 3Box system much more modular. Here are some additional benefits of this architecture:

  • Support for linking multiple authentication methods (ETH keypairs) to the same data via 3ID

  • Support for react native mobile crypto wallets

  • Support for node.js applications

  • Support a variety of transports between 3Box-enabled wallets and web apps

  • Improve security of 3Box signing keys by keeping them safely inside the wallet, instead of browser localStorage

  • Support Ethereum smart contract wallets and accounts

Getting Started with IdentityWallet