Web Applications

How to add 3Box to your Web Application

Build better web apps with 3Box!πŸ™Œ

This section describes how to use 3Box in a web application using the 3Box SDK.

3Box SDK

3Box.js is a JavaScript SDK that allows front-end web developers to add 3Box functionalities including identity, auth, profiles, storage, and messaging to their Ethereum application without needing backend infrastructure or requiring users to install any additional software.

Is there a version of 3Box SDK for native mobile apps? Currently the 3Box SDK is only available for web-based applications. It is not available for native mobile runtimes, including React Native, Swift, Kotlin, etc... but if you're interested in helping with these initiatives, get in touch.

Get Started

  1. ​Install 3Box SDK​

  2. ​Authentication​

  3. ​Add Profiles​

  4. ​Add Storage​

  5. ​Add Messaging​