6. Add Messaging

Add interactive message threads to your app

Threads are feeds consisting of linked and timestamped messages that enable decentralized peer-to-peer communication between one or more users by allowing these users to post messages in a sequence. Threads are great for adding commenting, chat, messaging, personal feeds, and content streams to your application. They are also great for sharing information between users.

Types of Threads

Persistent threads persist messages in an OrbitDB feed store where they remain, unless messages are explicitly removed by the post author or a moderator. Persistent threads are available in open (anyone can read) or confidential (only members can read) versions.

Ghost threads do not persist messages in a database, but rather keep message history in-memory of online peers. New users can request and sync the message history from currently online peers. For ghost threads, if all peers go offline then messages disappear.

Example Use Cases

Persistent Open Threads

  • Public Commenting Systems

  • Reddit-like Forums

  • DAO Proposal Systems

  • Public Content Feeds

  • Personal Feeds

  • Public following lists

  • Sharing data between users

Persistent Confidential Threads

  • Direct messages between two users

  • Private group chats between 3+ users

  • Private personal lists, shopping carts, etc

Ghost Threads

  • Public chat systems and chatrooms with high throughput

  • Disappearing (ephemeral) messages

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