4. Add Profiles

Interact with user profiles in your app

Profiles are a general key-value data store where developers typically keep profile-related, basic reputation, and other app-agnostic data that can easily be shared across all applications that a user accesses with their 3Box. Profiles can support keeping public or encrypted information.

This section describes how to perform various interactive functionalities on a 3Box profile store, including adding/removing data, and decrypting private data. To perform these actions, you must first authenticate their 3Box.

If you only need to display public profile information for a user or multiple users in your application, you can use the static read-only get methods described here.

Use Cases

  • Portable user profiles (similar to Gravatar) with public and private information

  • Simplified onboarding and single-sign on (SSO)

  • Basic reputation data

  • Public group affiliations or memberships

Storing Date instances can cause problems. 3Box profile and space storage only supports JSON data types.

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