Why 3Box

3Box is the best way for developers to store and manage user data

The User Data Framework for Decentralized Apps

3Box allows front-end web developers to keep user data on an open storage network instead of a centralized database server, browser localStorage, or the blockchain. With 3Box, developers are able to quickly build more secure, lightweight, and powerful applications.

Today, 3Box developers are primarily web3 developers building front-end applications on Ethereum. These developers want to provide engaging, web2-like user experiences without keeping user data themselves.

β€‹πŸš€ Develop faster with easy-to-use APIs and tooling

3Box provides developers with an easy-to-use toolkit for quickly building production-ready applications capable of scaling with increased usage. Our APIs make it easy to use 3Box for identity, auth, profiles, storage, and messaging. Integrate 3Box using one of our JavaScript SDKs. Read more about our APIs and SDKs here.

β€‹β˜ Reliable decentralized storage on IPFS and OrbitDB

3Box is a distributed data storage system that uses IPFS for decentralized storage, OrbitDB for database structuring, and 3ID for decentralized identity. To ensure 3Box is capable of sustaining scaled usage on top of these new technologies, we provide additional cloud infrastructure to improve the reliability and performance of the decentralized network. This includes hosted nodes, data pinning services, and caching layers.

β€‹πŸ” Improve security and privacy of user data

3Box's decentralized architecture allows developers to eliminate much of the liability traditionally associated with securing and protecting user data on their server, instead allowing them to leverage shared open networks for the security and management of this information.

Since 3Box data is kept directly with the user, it also gives the user vastly more privacy and control over how this information is shared and used by applications online. When data is stored privately on 3Box, it is unreadable by other applications and users unless the user grants them explicit permission.

β€‹πŸ” Support data portability and interoperability

One of the largest benefits to 3Box is that when data is kept with the user, it makes it easy for the user to carry their data across various apps, networks, and services without needing to recreate new data each time. Some refer to this as portable, self-sovereign data. Additionally, user data on 3Box belongs to users first and foremost. 3Box data is not subject to any form of vendor lock-in, including 3Box ourselves, since the user can always take their data to another provider that adopts the same standards.

β€‹βœ¨ Users don't need to install software

Our JavaScript SDKs enable applications to run 3Box directly in the user's browser or wallet, so users don't need to install any extra software to use 3Box. In fact, users may barely even know that they're using 3Box since many of the system's operations can be managed in the background of your application.